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Don`t be too available

You shouldn`t be too available for women. Your life is too important and you should consider if the person you are talking with deserves your time. You shouldn`t tell your woman that you are too available. Artificially waiting for a reply only encourages the same behavior from women. They will probably think that you are not interested and you aren`t excited about going on a date with the. Women delay messages because they don`t want to put themselves out. This usually results in dead-end conversations that are not good for either of you.

You should suggest more than one day at a time to meet up. A woman wants a guy that is social and has hobbies. She want to feel like she`s winning when she is talking with him. There may be times when you won`t like to feel desperate. It is easier to ask a girl when she is cool to go grab a drink with you. Women always like a guy that is confident. You will see that they will appreciate this type of guy more. Women want a man that is not desperate about having a relationship.

You shouldn`t give up your phone number without getting hers. It isn`t common for a girl to take a guy`s number, so you should take this into consideration. It will be better for you to ask the girl to give her number. Just be confident about your situation and say what is your opinion regarding this issue.

You should never say that you will cancel your plans in order to meet up with her. A confident guy cares a lot about his relationships and friendships. He wouldn`t dump his friends for a girl. If a girl is interested in a guy she will be willing to wait for that guy.

Another bad idea is to tell her that you have nothing going on. Girls don`t want to be with a guy that usually doesn`t nothing. Always tell the girl that you are doing something. You can sidestep the question in order to be more playful with her. You don`t have to state that you are physically doing something. Just be sincere with her and you will be okay. You can share your thoughts with the girl you are talking and she will be impressed. This will lead to a bigger topic and you won`t have to feel like you need to lie.


Bangladesh and porn

Bangladesh is a country that has been blessed with natural beauty. I have seen amazing lanscapes from Dacca and I have to admit, it actually looks a lot like India. Unfortunately, this is not a very well developed country in almost no fields. Porn industry included, it is almost non-existent. I mean, you won’t find on google search Bangladesh porn, no where on the internet. I suppose you can find an amateur movie made with the cell phone camera but anyway, almost non existent.

Although they don’t make their own porn, this doesn’t mean that they are not consumers of bangladesh xnxx porn videos. As every other human being with needs, people watch a lot of porn in Bangladesh. This all resumes at the needs of the body. Yes, they are not a country which produces porn, but they still take part in this, what I like to call it, “porn network”. Why do they watch porn? Simply because it is part of the human being and the world has evolved so much that we, the young generation, can actually not imagine a world in which there is no internet, no porn and no sexual perversions.

I, for example, can not understand how our parents used to live, without cell phones and internet. Not because I am sa snob necessarily, but because I was raised with the internet and I grew along with the technology and I didn’t live I a world where there were none of it.

Anyway, porn is something really trendy nowadays, whether you watch it or make it. Every person in this world enjoy porn from time to time and I strongly believe there are no exceptions to the rule.


How to prepare a romantic evening

A romantic evening for your partner can be the best remedy to a problem that you've encountered in the couple. We need such beautiful moments in our couple to not become one monotonous and devoid of passion. Two people who love each other, they will always try to fill the dying moments and it doesn't come in a point in which the couple to be bored of each other. We have to be always surprising and offer beautiful moments to our partner, let us remember the things that bind us and to be more loving. A lasting relationship is represented by the progress of love from one day to the next, not monotony and boredom. 3 things that will help you to organize a romantic evening: 1. A good wine Besides the place in which you'll organise this in the evening, you need a good wine to give more passion and to let go of the words. Alcohol is a very good help of passion, if is chosen carefully, depending on the pleasures of the two members of the couple. Don't be stingy to buy the most cheap wine, buy good wine and enjoy the moments of this kind. 2. Good music The love music is more passionate. Choose a few songs suitable for this time and make a playlist to keep it and for other similar occasions. You can inspire from other playlists already created that are very easy to find on the internet. 3. The tub filled with foam After a match of passion of love, it goes very well for a relaxing bath. Don't stop being sweet and attentive immediately after you have had sex, but continue to be passionate. A bath in a tub full of foam in which to serve a good glass of wine can be the best choice that you can do.

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